How Did The Puritans Affect The Lives Of Christians?

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The Truth: It was the middle of the 16th century in Europe, during this period of time Church and religion as a whole were the center of all life. As the Pope’s power increased in everyday life Christians began to feel as if the church was becoming corrupt. As a result reformers suggested that scripture, not the clergy, should be the basis of guidance in the lives of Christians. This was one of the first times where they began to question the authority of the Pope. In 1543, King Henry felt as if he had had enough and it was time to make a change within the Church. That meant separating from the Catholic Church and forming the Church of England. Due to the fact that he truly was the one in power, by law all citizens were obliged to join this new Church. On the contrary although many believed that a split was necessary there was a group of reformers who believed that there conflict was with a secular power dictating their spiritual life and not with the pope. These reformers also referred to as non-conformists became known as the Puritans. This group of peoples’ main goal was to purify the Church of England and the only way this would be nearly possible is if they left England. The Puritans established their own branch of Catholicism and because they were being ridiculed in their home country they decided it was best they make the journey to the “New World”. At this point in our history the “New World” represented freedom and opportunity that was not present in England.

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