The Middle Passage : The Middle Passage

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The Middle Passage is in reference to the excessive involuntary movement across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the Americas that brought African people into slavery via trade ship, better known as the Atlantic Slave Trade. This was done by way of a three legged triangular trade path that the ships used to take things like knives, guns, ammunition, cloth that was made from cotton, different tools, and brass from Europe to Africa. These same ships delivered African people that were used for laboring the Americas and the West Indies as slaves along with raw material items that were produced on the plantations such as sugar, cotton, rice, tobacco, and rum back to Europe. “From Africa they took the slaves to the West Indies to exchange for sugar or molasses, also known as sugar syrup which they then took home to distill into rum” (Clark Hine, Hine, Harrold, P.28). On these ships, the slaves were tightly packed in and transported across the Atlantic Ocean, mostly to the sugar plantations. This was usually about a two to three month journey. “The larger ships usually reached the Caribbean in 40 days, but some voyages took six months” (Clark Hine, Hine, Harrold Pg.30). Throughout this time, the people who were enslaved were laid down on the floor of the ship and chained in rows for the entire length of the voyage. Using chain links, they kept the men slaves chained to each other by the pair in order to avoid possible rebellion and boarded away from women and children. (Clark
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