The Middle Period And The Fall Of The Medieval Period

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The Medieval Period lasted from 400-1500 AD and began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The fall and the beginning of this era had massive changes to the social and economic systems of that time. These changes began to occur because of the start of feudalism in both Europe and Asia during this time in hope to protect themselves from barbarians. At that time, the feudal system was the law of the land, and the way that the upper class maintained control over the lower class. To maintain this order the upper class provided protection to the lower class and in exchange, the lower class worked for the upper class. This was true in both Asia and Europe as they both had a social class system to make sure everything isn’t going to chaos. Yet, these ideals weren’t passed on between one another, more that each area adapted to that type of government based on the circumstances. Even in this time where there was uncivilized and odd people rampaging about, there was people whom had done great achievements. These people allowed their nations to advance whether it was by fighting and conquering land, preaching of their religion, or by creating marvelous inventions. They did amazing and remarkable things to not only advance their nation but as well affect them long after their deaths. Making sure that their legacies were never forgotten or left behind at all. To express and prove it let’s evaluate the extent to which the expertise and the achievements of Toyotomi Hideyoshi with

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