The Mind Through Way Of His Dreams By Robert Fichers

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Inception, the act of instilling an idea into someones’ mind by entering his or her dreams ( In the movie Inception Dom Cobbs’ goal is to plant an idea in Robert Fichers’ mind through way of his dreams. This is because they want him to find his dads’ “other will” so that Robert will not carry on in his dads’ footsteps but choose create his own destiny. However, Robert is not really choosing this on his own free will because the idea is being planted in his mind by someone else. Because of the events in this movie the director would be considered a hard determinist. Robert believes that he made the decision when in “reality” his decision was an illusion. Another of example of not having free will is when Mal kills herself. She thinks she is choosing to do it on her own when she really did not. The reason she killed herself is because Cobb planted the idea in her mind while they were stuck in limbo. He did this to bring them both back to “reality”. Quotations are required around “reality” because in this movie there is no way to determine if something is a dream or reality. During the movie Cobb tells Ariadne about his wife, Mal, who would always show up during his dreams. Cobb and Mal ended up getting stuck in limbo. They got stuck in limbo because the dream became their reality. Cobb eventually, after fifty years in the dream world, that he was not in reality. However, he could not convince Mal since she locked away what kept her grounded to reality, her

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