The Minutemen And Their World Chapter Summary

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Robert A. Gross the author of “The Minutemen and their World” gives a very detailed nonfictional narrative of the small town of Concord, Massauchessets. Gross describes the American Revelotion through the eyes of this community which paints a more vivid picture of the events taking place up to the war which seperated the Unite States for Great Britian through a perspective that I have never seen before.
The book begins with the time leading up to the American Revolution. Just like all American colonies Concord faced hardship leading up to the war. The british imposed tariffs such as the Stamp Act and the Tea act affected the small town and created a growing uneasiness amongst the community. Gross described the the small town as on edge …show more content…

Over the first few months of 1775 Concord struggled to gain and train a functional militia. After month of angry talk amongst citizen and leader in Concord action became more prominent, Gross stated “Nearly all of local life took on a military cast” towards mid spring point of 1775(69).
Economically speaking unlike most American economies the time leading to war did not cause an economic burden. Even with the British emposed tariffs, Concord maintained and survived. Gross described the economic stability by stating “(Concord)... exported its youth to the frontier, Concord by mid-century had managed to work out a rough balance between numbers and resources and to escape the worse social consequences of overpopulation(106).” But war caused an “social and psychological price” like in any way most families worried about losing love ones such as spouses, kids, and friends (107).
On April 19, 1775 the Revolution finally began on the footsteps of Concord. After days of rumors British forces finally moved into the small town. Unlike most expected the minutemen held their own and protected the town of Concord along with militia from neighboring towns. When the fighting in town died down and everything was calm in Concord WIlliam Emerson claimed “This month [is] remarkable for the greatest Event taking Place in the present Age(132).” This attitude

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