The Model Of Reflection ( 1988 )

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Step 2 Gibb’s Model of Reflection (1988) Description Residents of rural and remote communities tend to experience poorer health outcomes than those in the metropolitan area (Humphreys & Walkerman, 2008). The fact that the high proportion of Indigenous Australians, which increases with remoteness, reflects the lag in Indigenous health outcomes (Humphreys & Walkerman, 2008). Feelings I believe that everyone should have equal access to all health services they require, no matter their cultural background, or where they live. When thinking about the poor health outcomes due to the lack of access that Australians, particularly Indigenous Australians, in rural areas it makes me wonder how the health care system can fail to deliver care to those people. Evaluation I believe a good thing about current health care in rural areas is The Royal Flying Doctors Service, which delivers primary health care and emergency services to those in rural areas (, 2015). However, the lack of multidisciplinary health professionals and insufficient funding of Indigenous health services in rural areas is not helping to decrease the health gap. Analysis While implementing Primary Health Care models, identical to those in metropolitan areas, in a rural setting is not practical, I feel there is an obvious need to improve primary health care in remote areas. This is due to the significant health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, in rural and remote areas
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