The Modern Age Presents Multiple Channels For Action, Dialogue And Discussion

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The modern age presents multiple channels for action, dialogue and discussion. Furthermore, social and political thought suggests that spaces of remembrance encourage understanding, thought and reflection. Thus, it is thought that memory holds vast opportunities to mend the of frailty of human affairs. Good deeds, when reified into memories can be held up to be replicated, or possibly surpassed in the future. Yet the process of memorialisation is often contested, for the formation of memory can only occur in retrospect – on behalf of someone or something. Public commemoration is a difficult process, as it simplifies and condenses complex stories at the cost of omitting others. Thus, spaces of remembrance can become spaces of contestation, and memory entails political risk. Memory presents a crucial tension in the network of ideas and action, which are both public and private. It is not only central to improving the frailty of human affairs, it is a dauntingly complex process weaved with intrinsically personal reflections, which, leads us to the fundamental paradox of memory. Memory is crucial to the public realm, but it originates within. Furthermore, the modern age multiplies spaces of remembrance presenting an unfettered opportunity to improve the frailty of human affairs. Yet, the contestation of memories such as those in war have often been internalised, and thus refuted on a deeply personal level – to challenge mourning is viewed as perverse act of disrespectful to the

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