The Monkey 's Paw : Plot Elements ( Mini Summary ) Essay

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Introduction: Plot elements (mini summary):
During his lifetime, Jacobs was viewed as a successful, popular short-story writer and humorist. His penchant for trick endings led to his nickname as the “O. The short story the Monkey 's Paw By W.W Jacobs mostly centers around the paw because it had supernatural powers. It gives you three wishes but there is a HUGE TWIST to those three wishes the come with tragic CONSEQUENCES like DEATH and other terrifying horrors. They wish for some money, and the next day an employee of the company where the son is working arrives at the family 's home and tells the parents that their son was killed in an tragic incident and they will receive a great compensation, the exact amount they wished for. A week later, the mother wishes that their son would return from the dead. So Mrs.White pressures Mr.White to go get the paw in the second wish to bring their son back to life .

Thesis: Throughout the monkey 's paw they get three wishes but with every wish it comes with a horrible consequences like death. A good example of that is when they wish for 2 pounds and herbert has a tragic accident at work and ends up dead.

Body Paragraph #1: Character Traits
Topic Sentence: It is clear to the reader that Mr and Mrs White to act the way they do is because there son had died.
Mr. White
At beginning: It appears, then, that Mr. White is a risk-taker and is not scared of going out of the box for her family.

evidence: Father and son were at

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