Who Was W.W. Jacobs?

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w.w. Jacobs was born a English writer more than an American writer. His whole name is William Wymark Jacobs was born in wapping, London ,England on September 8 1836 and he lived until 1943. He is the oldest son of William Gage Jacobs, and his first wife Sophia Wymark. She dies when Jacobs was very young. W.W. Jacobs is known for his scary horror story The Monkeys Paw, he is also known for his humor. Jacobs dad worked on a boat as a deckhand. He also the manger of a South Devon Wharf. He worked on the boat called South Devon Wharf. Jacobs liked what his dad did, working at the docks and his stories always have something to do with working at the mariners and in and out of precarious predicaments. The Jacobs was a young and poor family. W.W. Jacobs was a shy and quite and very pale. He always visited his family in rural East Anglia, that had a effect on Clayburry stories published in Light Frights. Jacobs went to a private school in London then after that he went to a Birkbeck College. In 1879 he got a job being a clerk in the civil service, then the savings bank department from 1883 until 1899. Making money and having a regular income was a change to Jacobs childhood of financial hardship. Then around 1885 he started putting his paintings in a Blackfriars. In the early nineties he had some of his stories and books published in Jerome K. Jerome and Robert Barrs illustrated magazines. The Idler and Today. The strand magazine also took some of his work and published it.

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