The Mood Disorder And Anxiety Disorder

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Throughout our culture we often see people who do not fall under regular norms. These people can sometimes be defined as abnormal or unusual. Sometimes these abnormal behaviors can be caused by psychological issues in the mind, rather than extrinsic forces. These issues are not always easy to detect, but can range from things as simple as stress and anxiety to disorders such as dissociative disorder. A huge category of disorders is called the mood disorder. This paper will delve in to the mood disorder, particularly bipolar disorder, how it is diagnosed, how it develops, and what it is like to have this disorder. Moods are a common part of everyday life. They fluctuate every second of the day. It is normal to be happy, depressed, content, or even excited depending on the events that happen in your day, and how you perceive these events. A mood disorder is recognized when moods become “impairing” and hard to cope with (Parker et al, 2012, p.419). People have extreme swings from extreme happiness to sadness. These moods cannot be controlled, causing them to react inappropriately to events that are happening in their lives. Mood disorders can cause a person to be unstable in certain aspects of their lives, causing a disruption in a person’s daily activities. One of the major disorders that emerge from a mood disorder is bipolar disorder. Basically anyone can develop this disorder. No matter what gender, age, race, or culture a person has an equal chance of acquiring bipolar

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