The Moral Cognition Of Individuals Essay

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When faced with the task of killing to save your son, would you do it? This question is a test to see how you morally break down situations to make decisions. Some may say I wouldn’t kill for as it is a sin, but others may state they will do whatever is necessary to save family. This situation will show exactly how someone stuck in a moral dilemma will react. How will you react when faced with this scenario?
This paper will go over the two semi-structured interviews with an 18-year-old subject in order to evaluate the subjects Moral Cognition. To start off this paper will be the conceptual overview followed by two summaries of articles about the Moral Cognition of individuals. This paper will give a description of the subject, the area where this interview was conducted, and the procedure of the semi-structured interview. This will lead into the results, analysis and possible limitations that took place throughout the study. To end this research paper will be a quick overview/summary of the project.
Conceptual Overview
Moral Cognition is the mental action of processing knowledge and understanding situations through moral situations and senses. The importance of this is to be able to compare brain and reaction developments of individuals in order to find their moral identities. More advanced thinkers may break the situation down into complex worldwide scenarios, like what is good for the overall world. Others will have a more personal based reaction to save their

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