The Moral Judgement And Moral Judgment

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Together we revisited a time in my life that was not easy. We explored a moral dilemma, ““should I have ignored the struggles that I would encounter to keep custody of my son, or should I have given up my parental rights so he could be adopted by someone who could better provide for his medical and special needs?” We came to the moral judgment was that I should put aside my personal interest, and allow my son to be adopted. This moral judgment was based on the rule that it is always necessary to follow what will result in the probability for highest quality of life long-term. Here we will go into the philosophical theory and how it guided our journey from the initial question to the resulting moral judgment.

Using Utilitarianism, we came to the conclusion that the maximum benefits and greatest happiness for all involved while reducing the suffering and negative aspects allowed us to come to the moral judgment. Utilitarianism has a few key concepts to take into consideration when coming to the conclusion. These concepts include pain, suffering, pleasure, utility, happiness and consequentialism. Even if this is not a perfect solution, each of these can be weighed and in doing so, a person can analytically come to a conclusion that is reasonable.

Most of these concepts are tightly connected, such as pain and suffering, pleasure and happiness, but all of them work hand in hand in making the results. If happiness is high, then pain and suffering should be at a lower…

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