The Mortality Rate Of Humans

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People recognize that death is the terminal point in the life of a physical body. In a moment, a person 's memory, personality, and experiences all seem to disappear. It is foolish for people to live a life unprepared for the inevitable where one 's existence ceases to exist. In fact, the mortality rate of humans is 100 percent. Perhaps some essential part of people survive death and lives forever beyond the grave. The truth can come from two choices- speculation or revelation. Many people believe in the afterlife because the various religions they practice. Several religions teach that life after death does exist. Religious belief, however, does not entirely account for all the people who believe. Though, in a modern world, scientific …show more content…

Whether it 's heaven or hell, one’s soul may be judged or evaluated on where they will arrive in the afterlife. The way a person has conducted themselves will influence their soul’s destiny after death. What survives after the death of the body? Prominent world religions view this part of afterlife differently. For example, Christianity has dualistic conceptions. A non-physical soul that separates the body at death, but there are also contrasting views. For instance, many Christians believe that a spiritual body resurrects after death. It can be physical and three-dimensional. However, but that spiritual body is distinct from a person’s current physical body. Now, Buddhists do not believe that a body contains a soul. However, they do believe a person’s karma survives death, prior sensations, perceptions, and consciousness transmit to another physical body. The moment death occurs, it sets in motion of an immediate retribution for the consequences of these desires or actions. Then forcing the individual to be reborn once again into the unceasing cycle of karma and samsara. (Sumegi 2013). Religion can date back as far as homo sapiens existence (100,000 B.C.E.). People of this time conducted burial rituals and handled the dead with care and consideration. However, it is known they buried their dead with food, weapons, stone implements, decorative shells, and bones in the graves with the deceased. One must presume the

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