Socrates : The Fear Of Death

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Phil 10200 Cai 06/16/2017 Socrates on The Fear of Death In Plato’s “Apology”, Plato captures the arguments that Socrates makes about death. Socrates attitude towards the fear of death was a thought or imagination based on the limitation of our knowledge for we do not know about the truth of something without experiencing, and not on its facts. Socrates believes people should not fear death, and he calls the fear of death to be false wisdom. This statement Socrates proves it based on the following conditions. First, Socrates addresses that “To fear death, gentlemen are no other than to think oneself wise when one is not, to think one knows what one does not know. No one knows whether death may not be the greatest of all…show more content…
Both the gods and the people with human wisdom aware the fact that they do not have adequate knowledge for something, but ignorant people thinks that they know what they do not know. For example, in Plato’s “Euthyphro”, Euthyphro thinks that he knows what is impious and pious and they differ. However, Socrates finds no correct definition of impious and pious from Euthyphro’s month to convince him to believe that Euthyphro really knows about impious and pious in their conversation. In the case of human beings, people like Euthyphro think they know certain things, yet they do not know. This is what Socrates refers it as blameworthy ignorance, it's something that one ought not to do(29b). One will Therefore, no one knows whether death is good or bad, fearing death is claiming to know death is bad, and this is ignorance. A person that fear of death, not because of the person feel the pain from death, but think of death is very painful, and this is nonsense. This is something no one ought to do, people should not fear death. However, with regards to death, we do it again and again. There is a belief that death is bad, yet people have no knowledge of death itself, and even the life that comes after death. Indeed, no one knows about death for we do not have the divine wisdom to know all of the things happen around us. Since the limitation of our knowledge to the unknown of certain things, it also normal to believe
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