The Mosque Lamp

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The artist of the piece chosen, The Mosque Lamp, is undefined. This particular artwork was created in Egypt and the date of its origin is recorded as C.1320. Creating this piece included the use of blown glass, enamel, gold, and silver stain. Using these particular materials the creator produced a lamp that looks like an inverted bell. Most onlookers would see this piece and come to the conclusion that the artist created a vase with an hour glass shape. Other shapes on the piece are the protruding small loops that were created in order for chains to be fed through so that this lamp could be hung for all to see. Viewers would predict that the maker of this wondrous lamp was wealthy due to the amount of gold used throughout the work. Besides the use of gold as a major color choice, the artist used iridescence which encompasses all colors. This use of iridescence creates a texture on the piece, which allows the viewer to see multiple colors at different angles. Another item on the lamp that creates texture is the sacred inscription that is in blue, circling the entire piece. This inscription is also the subject of the art itself. Within the inscription on this Mosque Lamp, it states, “… the lamp was endowed to a mosque by order of the amir Husayne, son of Haydar Beg, Amir of the Hunt of the Mamluk Sultan al-Malik al-Nasir. (r. 1293-94 and 1299-1309).” (Mosque lamp). In a description of the piece, the writing on the lamp would be of major significance. To begin this

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