The Most Beautiful Woman I 've Ever Known

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Mirror, mirror on the wall; who’s the fairest of them all? And she, whose fairness inspired such awe; why, oh why, is she the one who never saw? Shown in this picture is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. She is my mother - clothed in a fine silk western style gown adorned with delicate floral embroidery – on her wedding day, a day meant to be eternally cherished as a celebration of love. While my mother does recall that day as a day of jubilance and joyous festivities, her recollection is also tinted with a slight shadow of sadness and even, dare I say, regret.
Born into the aristocracy of the mountains of Southern China, my mother grew accustomed to a lifestyle of luxury from an early age. Her father – my grandfather – was a …show more content…

Everything he held dear. His dear wife, his dear son, his dear daughters: destroyed.
My mother told me how much she cried and cried and cried. She was scared – terrified – of leaving her castle walls to enter the real world. Tearing apart, she felt as if the heavens abandoned her, beaten her, left her alone in a world overcome by debilitating darkness. Little did she realize that the only reason the heavens darkened her world was so that the blessing she was about to receive could shine that much brighter.
That blessing unveiled itself in room 305B of the local high school, a room well known by the student body as the source of the smooth, idyllic melodies of Liang Lao Shi, or Teacher Liang. Liang Lao Shi was a young high school graduate who became a music teacher at his alma mater. He had great ambitions to save up his salaries to attend university and become a great businessman, ambitions that were hindered when he fell victim to the affairs of the heart. Taking refuge from her unraveling world, my mother often visited room 305B to indulge in the sweet escape of music. Although her fingers didn’t gracefully dance across the keys like Liang Lao Shi’s did, he still came to admire her greatly. She captured his poor defenseless heart and devotion as did he did to hers. Against all odds, the two fell madly in love.
Liang Lao Shi was many things. He was kind, he was smart,

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