The Most Dangerous Game, Liberty, And Harrison Bergeron

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In the stories, “The Most Dangerous Game”, “Liberty”, and “Harrison Bergeron” all compare among their similarities. Each story uses the setting and their conflicts to show the theme and the characteristics of each character. In these stories, they all have different conflicts and settings, but they use the conflicts and settings to relate to each other in their characters and the themes. There are similarities among the stories “The Most Dangerous Game”, “Liberty”, and “Harrison Bergeron” in the themes for each story. For example, in “Harrison Bergeron” the theme is to stand up for what you know and what you believe is right. Harrison in the story escaped from prison, tore his handicaps off, doing the rest for those who were also handicapped. Harrison knew the risks of doing these tasks, but he did it to show people what life was supposed to be like, and make an example of it. “Even as I stand here crippled, hobbled, sickened, I am still greater than any man who ever lived.” The themes of “Liberty” and “The Most Dangerous Game” are very similar, both stories themes are to never give up, fight for what you want, no matter how hard the battle or big the obstacle may be. In the story “liberty” the narrator’s family struggles with the harsh government and struggles to get their visas to escape without anyone knowing. An important quote in that story was, “All liberty involves sacrifice”. This quote means that the family is willing to go through highs and lows to get their

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