The Most Important Achievement Of The United States Essay

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Defining Freedom

Very few United States Presidents can be truly called extraordinary. It is not only remarkable historical achievements during their tenure in office, but their relevancy to the United States throughout the ages that makes them truly great. It is incredible leadership and vision which indelibly shape a nation that establishes an extraordinary President. Abraham Lincoln is such a President. Lincoln reached into the hearts and minds of the citizens of the United States as no other President in our history. It is his vision for what the United States could be that ultimately molded the country that we live in today. Lincoln forged a nation through bitter civil war and defined democracy for all citizens. Lincoln is our greatest President because he united a nation, made manifest civil rights, and defined freedom in our democracy that is still being debated, challenged, and protected to this day.
The 13th Amendment is Lincoln’s most important achievement because it is the legislation that formed the basis for civil rights law in our land. It was as controversial a piece of legislation in 1865 as it is today in 2016. The 13th Amendment established freedom from systems of oppression, formerly known as slavery, for citizens who had not been convicted of a crime. Today systems of oppression have a new face in jailing citizens and denying freedom to a significant population of US citizens; thereby, denying freedom to participate in our democracy. The 13th

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