The Most Important Characteristics Of Giftedness

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Although the history of humanity saw a huge amount of really great leaders who changed the world to a better place, there were some bad leaders who caused big disaster for the universe too and they still exist. We see these leaders everywhere. Presidents, team captains, religious leaders, CEOs, etc. Basically, leaders are the ones who lead others. Actually, when we look at these leaders characters , we can easily see 'most of them ' have gifted people characteristics. Because leadership is one of the most important characteristics of giftedness. At this point, we can say gifted students are the possible future leaders. Frankly, it is one of the main reasons that influence me to study gifted education. If the educators know how to develop their leadership feature, and if they teach these children how to be a good leader, it means we will see a better world in the future. Creating great leaders of the future for more livable environments for everyone, this idea is my imagined as an educator. As you know I am not teaching at anywhere right now. Because of that, I am just pretending like a teacher who is teaching to 10 (5 male, 5 female) 4th-grade gifted student. I would want to create a plan based on the class president system. I would like to call it ‘be own president before choose your president’
Here are some main duties and specialties of the class president:
- When there is no teacher in the classroom, he/she is the most qualified

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