The Most Successful Drug Lord And Surpassed Even Escobar

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Over years the issue of whether journalists have been treating there sources or clients ethically right have been the question on many peoples’ lips. There have been numerous instances where journalists have been seen as to take advantage of the situation at hand so as to either sell the story or gain popularity at the expense of the client. Therefore, what happens when the client is taken advantage and what are the repercussions that are involved? In this light, there is the story of El Chapo the most successful drug lord and surpassed even Escobar. Many have been dying to get the story about El Chapo since he is now considered to be one of the most wanted people in the world. What makes him interesting is the fact that he has been able to escape from prison twice. He was interviewed by Sean Penn and what remains is whether Sean Penn was able to teat his subject ethically right.
In order to get have an understanding of whether Penn treated El Chapo ethically right then it would be imperative to know what ethics are. Therefore, when we refer to ethics it is the set of rules or standards that an organisation or a professional body have put in place that guides them. Therefore, ethics is about acting within the set policies and within the legal framework. However, it is evident that Penn treated El Chapo ethically right (Penn). It is important to look at the different ways in which can be support that he treated his client ethically right. To begin with, within did he fulfil
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