The Most Successful Follower Of Verdi

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Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini also known as Giacomo Puccini. He was named after an 18th century ancestor, who founded a long line of local musicians including Puccini’s father. Puccini is the most successful follower of Verdi, continuing the line of Italian opera composers onto the 20th century. He was born into a musical family that was strongly tied to Christianity, so he served as a church organist and choir director until Verdi’s performance of “Aida” inspired him to become a composer of operas. Puccini an a friend walked 18.5 miles just to see Verdi’s performance of “Aida.” Puccini is called “ the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi.” Puccini was born in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy on December 22, 1858 in a house in Corte San Lorenzo. This house was where he spent the first twenty-two years of his life at. Being born into a family with 5 generations of music behind it, he had big shoes he had to fill. He was one of seven children of Michele Puccini and Albina Magi. Puccini was just five years old when his father died and wasn’t capable of taking over his fathers job as a composer, organist, and a teacher. After his father died, his mother sent him to his uncle Fortunato Magi, hoping he can help him with his music. Magi considered Puccini as a poor and undisciplinded student and told his mom, Albina, to give up hopes for her son. Most people think it was that Fortunato was actually jealous of Puccini’s talent, an was afraid he might ruin

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