The Most Valued Photograph

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What is your most valued photo? Is it in a frame that you look at every day? Or is it sitting in a box tucked away from your eyes? Do you have it hiding in a photo book that can stir up memories whenever you open it up? It may even be on a computer or as your wallpaper on your phone. Photography has been used for many decades capturing memories from a breath-taking experience to a memorable event. With the camera evolving, it has allowed a single person to capture a shot as a favorite hobby or job, and can be used to communicate to the society about an important action. The very first camera invented was just a wooden box. Evolving into so much more, a photograph can now be captured from a hand held device in just seconds. The earliest date that a camera was actually used was in the early 1500’s. It was used just for viewing and drawing purposes, especially helping with artist’s sketching to “trace shapes and lines, and coloring the picture in” (Students for Students). Developing an actual picture wasn’t discovered until 1814, discovered by a man named Joseph Niepce, who captured the first permanent image. The photo took around “eight hours of light exposure, and later faded” (Bellis). Over the next few years, inventors had found ways to make the process easier to get the photos from the camera. In 1851, a man by the name of Frederick Scott Archer found a way to cut the process into just two seconds needed for photos to be exposed to light (Bellis).”You press the button, we
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