The Movement that Revolutionized the Civil Rights: Black Panthers

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The Black Panther Movement made a progressive contribution to the US and civil rights. In order for a person to understand what the Civil Rights movement was, they would need to understand what political movements were involved, that made a big impact on the Black Community. What was the Civil Rights movement? The Civil Rights movement lasted from the late 1960s and early 1970s. But, the Civil Rights was not born during that time. When Abraham Lincoln was President, he had signed an agreement named the Emancipation Proclamation. This Proclamation was addressed to emancipate all of the slaves that were written on paper. If they were to leave their job as a slave they would have had no where to go and no money, so they still worked for…show more content…
Because of what they felt was a racist government, the men believed, for example, that they at least deserved the right to speak at their own trials. The black community felt that the Federal government should feel obligated to give every man employment and ways to earn income. White men took over properties and businesses. If white property owners did not give fairness to the black men, then the black men felt the property owners power should be stripped from their hands. They also felt that the rights of those property owners’ jobs shall be placed into the hands of the community and their homes should be taken away and divided among the black men. They also felt that the government did not take into consideration how to support the children of the black communities as far as education was concerned. The Black Panthers wanted equal rights for education for the black- African children. They wanted for the children to be taught about how unfair blacks had been treated and what they thought was a racist government. The government made the young adults of the black community a priority by putting them into the military. These men felt that because of this, the government was racist and that the government did not protect the black men. They felt that they should not kill a single person because they were not fighting for what they believed in. They wanted black men to have military as an option. The black panthers took an aggressive stand
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