The Movie Begins With A Long Shot Of The Background Greenery

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The movie begins with a long shot of the background greenery which transitions into a close shot of Saul. Saul is calm like the greenery and his expression conveys the comfort of the background, contrasting the chaos ensuing around him. Another member of the Sonderkommando shuffles into position, joining the shot, and says, “Lets go”. They begin to usher groups of people in another direction. It is clear now that they are taking people off the trains and moving them to the camps. There are loud sounds in the background ranging from babies crying to the grunts of someone being punched. There is a hand held camera on Saul as he continues shepherding, only stopping to salute someone walking by. He does what he is told without question …show more content…

The next stage for the prisoners is to enter the “showers”. The background noise of this scene starts with another officer telling the prisoners they must clean up so they can move to their jobs at the camp. They are convinced they will be useful craftsmen or nurses, etc. Saul does not tell the truth, but keeps his blank expression like he is taught to do. This is another example of Saul tuning out the injustices occurring so he can survive. The focus of the scene is strictly on Saul, except when he helps undress someone, they come into focus. This highlights that he is dealing with humans, even though he moves around them mechanically, like mannequins. Once the people are undressed, Saul again avoids eye contact as they chaotically are pushed into the “showers”. Saul is conditioned to treat them like objects, triggering the violence to be ignored. When the men and women are in the showers he mechanically gathers the prisoner’s belongings disregarding that they are people’s possessions. He is overlooking the humanity around him and strictly doing his job. Once that job is done he moves onto the next like he is programmed. The next task is helping hold the door shut. As Saul and the camera move closer to the door, the screams grow louder. It is clear to the audience that it is not just a shower, but the gas chambers. Again, Saul’s emotionless expression is contrasted with the screams and cries heard behind the doors. His lack of

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