The Movie Gifted Hands By Ben Carson

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Some would say the American Dream consists only of being able to buy and own a home, being financially stable, or being able to travel the world, but it is so much more than that. People strive to achieve their own dream. Chasing their dream by wanting to be more successful than their parents, and others who immigrate to this country chase their dream by giving up everything just to get here and have the opportunity to succeed. The American Dream which seemingly exists only here in America, for an ambitious person to be able to be an outstanding success through his or her own hard work and determination. In the movie Gifted Hands, Ben Carson (Cuba Gooding Jr.) went from a being a poor troubled youth in inner city Detroit to becoming a famous and successful neurosurgeon supports and demonstrates that the American Dream is achievable through hard work, determination, and furthering your education.
“Those who founded the United States believed in a system of economic justice: those who work hardest will be most successful; those who fail deserve to fail.” (Christensen and Kennedy 25) was shown to be right in the film Gifted Hands. It doesn’t matter if they grow up poor or where they come from, just as long as they put in the work, succeeding is possible. They both were raised by parents who were poor, who also never went school, but still wanted their kids to achieve their American Dream. They also believed that the American Dream was achievable through hard work,

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