The Movie Into The Wild Essay

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We are all searching for our great adventure, or experience in life. An experience that brings meaning to our life, and makes us feel alive. Two young men, Pete Fromm, the author and the narrator of Indian Creek Chronicles, and Chris McCandless played by Emile Hirsch as the main protagonist of the movie Into The Wild, directed by Sean Penn, that was developed from the article, “Death of an Innocent: How Christopher McCandless Lost His Way in the Wild” written by Jon Krakuer. Both go through life changing experiences, as they venture into the wilderness. Utilizing all three sources as support, it is possible to compare, and contrast their reasons for going into the wilderness, preparation before venturing into the wilderness, and the development of each character throughout their journey. Going to college was never at the front of Pete’s mind as he was reaching the end of his days in high school; until one day his attention is caught by a catalog that slips from his friend’s pile of college catalogs. On the front, displayed a bighorn sheep, and read Wildlife Biology and University of Montana. The photos and descriptions enlisted in the catalog about the wildlife program pushed him to apply, and soon enough he is accepted into the college. At college, he was matched up with his roommate, Rader. He was an outdoors man, he owned a plethora of books about famous outdoors man and hunters. Pete began to take an interest in his roommate’s books, and the tales of great strength,

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