The Movie ' Wild ' Essay

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The movie “Wild” is based on Cheryl Strayed’s autobiography about her trek along the Pacific Crest Trail in 1995. The story is set on the Pacific crest trail, including a wide variety of climates including: deserts, snow covered mountains, and tropical forests. Along her journey on the trail, the movie flashes back to several traumas that drove her into the wild, in order to reinvent herself as a strong independent woman once again, no longer bound by guilt, shame, and regret. This is a movie that embraces the healing values of nature and how it can help an individual gain a broader perspective on life. Following the death of her mother and divorce of her husband, Cheryl Strayed, seeking redemption, decided to hike over a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest trail by herself with absolutely no backpacking experience. One could argue that this was not a trip of redemption but of escape from a reality that had become too much to bear for Cheryl. However, upon reflecting over the whole process of her trek, the trip was indeed a time of redemption and she does not come back from the trail as the same woman who started the trek. This movie is very intriguing, not only because it of its redemptive values, but because it blends the story, setting, and overall philosophy together in such a way that one without the other would be quite dull. Cheryl begins her journey in the Mojave Desert in California and hikes to Portland, Oregon. She has had her friend mail her food and
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