The Movie O F. A Beautiful Mind

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The film o f A Beautiful Mind is a dramatization of the life of John Forbes Nash; that was released in 2001. The character of Mr. Nash is portrayed by the actor Russell Crowe, and the film was directed by Ron Howard. The movie is based on the true story of a brilliant mathematics student from West Virginia who won a distinguished scholarship to attend Princeton University. The film begins in n September of 1947, when he began to attend the University of Princeton; where he studied mathematics and contributed to the field. His first encounter with his hallucination was when he first felt rejected by his classmates, especially by Michael Hansen; another brilliant student. John felt intimidated by Hansen which caused him to feel isolated from everyone. He preferred to spend most of his time trying to discover a new original idea of the theory of government dynamic. John felt that it was the only way he was going to be accepted and recognized by society. John’s lack of focus on school made him become frustrated and resulted into the development of one of the first imaginary characters, Charles Herman, his roommate which is played by the actor Paul Bettany. Herman was studying English Literature and became John’s best friend. John’s social situation was characterized by his strong anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday circumstances. His fear of judging or to be humiliated interfered with his work, social life, school, and other activities. For example, John only
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