The Movie Of Kill A Mockingbird By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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When I analyze the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, I notice that people analyze in a different perspective and a different purpose. According to Goodykoontz, B.,&Jacobs, C.P.(2014), when looking at the movie you cover the referential explicit, and the level of meaning. But some try to identify vary types of symptomatic content and others ideological meaning this will help them explain the films ultimately by telling the audience. Atticus has three children where they live in Alabama, a small town in Maycomb. The town is going through a great depression. Atticus is a lawyer and he is well off than the rest of the people that lives in the society. Atticus children met a boy name Dill, he moved in the neighborhood. Dill was fascinated with a house that looked spooky it was Radley place. Mr. Nathan Radley brother Arthur better known as or nick name Boo. Atticus tried to teach his children not to judge people and to see life from another person perspective. Dill had the other children sneak on Radley’s property; this made Nathan Radley shoot at the children. Later it was a fire at a neighbor’s house and the children though Boo did it. The town was racist white community and what every they say blacks did that is what happen. Atticus was asked to defend a man name Tom Robinson; he was accuse of raping a white woman. Atticus agreeing to defend Tom Robinson subjected Atticus children subjected to abuse from other children in the neighborhood. Atticus took his family to Calpurnia for
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