The Murder Mystery Of John Wright

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The Case of the Murder Mystery of John Wright in “Trifles”
The story was written by Susan Glaspell who was born and raised in Davenport, Lowa. She graduated from Drake University in 1899. She married the novelist and playwright Norman Matson in 1925 and was divorced in 1932. After the divorce, she spent the rest of her life in Provincetown by continually exploring the major suspect of the story “Trifles”, the environments that frustrated full development of human potential as well as the impact of gender on the complex process by which explains to us the social texts and literacy. “Cofounder in 1915 of the Provincetown players, Susan Glaspell was also a noted dramatist and prolific fiction writer. She published ten novels and more than forty short stories. “Trifles” was an act play included in 1916” (Glaspell, 177). Mrs. Wright is a major suspect in her husband’s death. In her story “Trifles”, John Wright, a farmer is found dead in his bed with a rope around his neck and his wife, Mrs. Wright is suspected of killing him. Mrs. Wright tells investigators that her husband was murdered while she was sleeping. She becomes the main suspect in the investigation (Glaspell, 178).
The setting of the story “Trifles” takes place in a gloomy kitchen with unwashed pans under the sink, a loaf of bread outside the breadbox, a dish towel on the table and other signs of incomplete work. I think the most important part of this play is the setting and the reason is because the

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