The Music Of Girl Group

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Conversely, the arrangement and structure this song is more ambitious musically than other girl group songs. Primarily, the music of girl group songs emits emotions of youthful naiveté and girlish romantic sounds that are sonically appealing to ears expecting a light and warm feeling from the music. However “You Don’t Own Me” opens with a piano playing an ominous, perhaps threatening, melody that is sonically defiant to what is expected of popular music sung by a young woman. The haunting sounds present feelings of angst and frustration which were reflective of young girls feelings at a time when much of a females worth in American society was attributed to male attention and affection. By opening with nonconventional tones, the music itself is protesting societal expectations of what music preformed by a woman, or girl should sound like. The opening of the chorus has a musical eruption with the introduction of string instruments and the possible tripling of the vocals, which evokes an assertive and powerful sound. The chorus has a more forceful sound as the chords of the instruments shift more quickly than in the verses. There is a lush sounding classical ensemble and the minor key swiftly transitions into a major key allowing a sunnier side of the song to be present. The minor key is typically associated with a feminine sound: uneasy and emotional. The major key is a socially constructed interpretation of masculinity because it is more assertive sounding. At the

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