The My Lai Massacre : The Causes Of The Vietnam War

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Racism, resentment, politics, political agendas, suffering, war, hate from people in the United States, hate from people in Vietnam, overall anger, and a lot of weapons. These are all factors that played into the United States being involved in one of the most horrific acts in our history. The My Lai Massacre was a massacre by United States Soldiers that created controversy and anger throughout the world. It leads us to the question, was this avoidable? Was one of the worst massacres in Untied States history doomed to happen? Looking at the contents of this war, reviewing accounts from soldiers that have fought in the war, that were there on that day, there is a strong testimony that this massacre was indeed doomed to happen. More than five hundred people were killed during this attack, as well as a rumored another hundred women were raped and mutilated. Why did this happen? In class we discussed, how is this different then a bomb being dropped by a plane? That answer is the same answer for how unavoidable this attack was. Intimacy, the intimacy of being on the ground and fighting is what make’s this massacre so vicious. A bomb dropped from a plane has a very machine feel to it, but when you look a child in the eye before you shoot them point blank in the head it sends another message, a murderous message. Vietnam was not like other wars, the people were not behind it. Half of America was spilt on if they supported the war or not, veterans came home to anger, compared to

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