The Myers Briggs Personality Test

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In the first week of class, we were asked to complete the Myers Briggs Personality test, and then to read up on our results. Once I had completed the typology “test”, I received my results in the form of four letters: INTJ, and afterwards, I decided to view what the four letters represented. Likewise, once I had begun to read the explanation provided by the website, I found that I was agreeing with several of the sentiments, as I felt it not only described my personality to near perfection, but also for the reason of how it was allowing me to come to better understand and accept myself. In other words, I felt that the results were self-fulfilling since they reflected upon who I am, and also, who I am not. For instance, I have found that …show more content…

The reason for this was surprising was due to the fact I tended to side with all of the components in thinking, with the exception of avoiding arguments and conflict, rather than debating for fun (Abramson, 2017, Lecture on Professional Identity & the Skills of Counselling). Hence, I felt that was a little bit peculiar to know that I preferred one drastically over the other, yet the test found I only had a slight or no preference at all. Additionally, I feel as though the test also allows for us to realize the advantages and disadvantages we have by preferring one dichotomy. For illustration, in terms of self-awareness, in order to have effective self-awareness (and be effective in our future careers), it is vital that we do not avoid our emotions, but also regulate them (Shebib, 2017, pg. 22). Yet, with my preference of “thinking”, I tend to avoid my emotions to invite rational decisions, while on the other hand, individuals with the dichotomy preference of “feeling”, might be more in tune with their emotions; however, they may not be able to fully regulate them. In addition, if we then are better aware of our personality, we then can use this to help benefit the relationships we have with others and ourselves, as we can be conscious of the preferences that may negatively affect our relationships with others, and then perhaps adjust

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