The Mystery Of The Giver And The Receiver

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What was meant by educate in the original puritanical meaning was to bring out that which is within; the awe, the hope, the intrigue with the mystery and the desire to solve it. Such act is riveting and nourishes the minds of the giver and the receiver. We used to live in an age where all one had to do is look up at the sky and relish the mystery of life. Students came to class already excited and wanted to absorb everything. The joy of learning about the world was the reward itself. Such is increasingly no longer the case. Our students come to us with heavy burdens and a timeline they must meet. Faculty are on the educational frontlines and thereby occupy the single most important interface with students. No other group in the entire…show more content…
AACC advocates for an active, student-centered, reflective education, including discovery, experiential learning, and technologically-enhanced instruction (click for further information). The common theme that connects these three organizations and their research is their commitment to delivering a high caliber education – one that quenches the teacher and the student. In the Pedagogy of Freedom, Paulo Freire asserts that “there is no true teaching without learning,” that is, to be a teacher is to never cease to be a learner (1970, page 29). Indeed, to be an authentic and effective teacher, one must put on multiple hats. Today’s teacher is expected to deliver a personalized mentoring which is supposed to inspire, critique, challenge, and protect. Faculty are expected to be academic and life coaches and to offer custom-made education to the student. This goes beyond the style of teaching. It dips into understanding each student, understanding the evolvement of society and understanding students psychology. The TLC will provide the infrastructure for a faculty community of critical and holistic practitioners, to master not only the art of teaching but to grasp the complexity of Generation Z. In other words, what may appear to be a 'lazy or

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