The Mystery of the Camel Corporation

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The Mystery of The Camel Corp.

In the middle of the 1800’s an idea sparked in several people’s minds, the use of camels in the great American desert. Several people created a couple companies to get the idea running. However those original companies failed. The idea really took off with Jefferson Davis became involved. Camels started being imported and used by the military but not without a few hurdles.

The Camel Transportation Company, later renamed Dromedary Line, was the first camel company to operate in the United States. It was shortly followed by the American Camel Company. The purpose of these companies was to transport passengers from Texas to California and into Panama. The Camel Transportation Company and the American Camel Company soon failed but their idea exploded in the back of Jefferson Davis’s head.

Davis saw the camels as a way of transportation that could potentially allow more people to move west easier. He is thought to have hoped to expand slavery in the south all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Edward Beale, a retired Navy member, studied up on camels and agreed with Davis. So, in 1855 Jefferson Davis had a shipped issued to go buy camels in the North African area to be used for army transportation and other military purposes.

Henry Wayne suggested that the camels would make for easier communication and could possibly be used in Calvary. He said that Americans would be able to utilize the camels much better and more humanely than the Arabs.
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