The Myth Of Phaethon By Edith Hamilton

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In the myth of Phaethon as retold by Edith Hamilton, a boy learns that he's the sun of a god he abuses abuses the power and pays with his life. This story takes place in the sky at the sun gods palace. The story begins when a young boy ventures off to the palace of the sun. There he meets the sun god,Phaethon asks the sun god if he's his father. The sun god says yes I am. As a rule the sun god swears on the Styx a river that runs through the underworld. Phaethon says to the sun god give me your car to drive. However The sun warns Phaethon of the dangers "only the sun god can drive the chariot". So then Phaethon ignores his caution and sets off in his fathers chariot. Soon Phaethon loses control and eventually the world gets set on fire. Phaethon
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