The Myth Of The Atlantis

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Atlantis , one of the most fascinating enigmas of the past, has never ceased to fascinate and make the world dream. 2400 years after this myth was built by the Greek philosopher Plato, researchers revived the ancient legend of this "lost paradise" myth. The origin of the myth goes back of course to Plato who describes the Atlantis as a civilization barbaric, greedy luxury and whose decadence provoked the anger of the gods who, punishment, caused a cataclysm that engulfs the city. But, researchers and scientists evidence prove that Atlantis is only a myth.

Naddaf, Gerard. "The Atlantis Myth: An Introduction to Plato 's Later Philosophy of History." Phoenix48.3 (1994): 189-209. Web. 15 July 2015.

Gerard Naddaf, is a Canadian researcher and professor of Philosophy in York University, Toronto, specializing in the origin of Presocratic and Plato ancient Greek philosophy. In 1981, he received a diplomat of in-depth studies in Philosophy at Paris IV La Sorbonne. In 1986, he earned his Doctorate in Philosophy at the same school. He is currently a member of the Classical Association Of Canada and Canadian Philosophical Association. One of his famous writings is “ Plato the Myth Maker”. He called on the history, mythology and language back to the origin of the Greek concept of physis and to describe its evolution. Usually translated by nature ( natura from the Latin) , the term physis played a key role in the history of philosophy as well as his debut that in its further

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