The Nae's Strategies For An Introtorical Analysis

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The NAE’s strategies for an intriguing introduction are very mediocre. For example, the first three paragraphs are merely summarizing the history of engineering in a list. Due to the mundaneness of the list, the attention of the audience is never captured and fails to engage the audience to read further. Perhaps the most striking deficit of the text is the lack of emotional connection with the audience. The pictures attached to the introduction were altogether insignificant and conveyed no emotional impact on the reader or the magnitude of the issues that were being addressed. If the authors had placed the images in a more applicable position and had chosen images that related more closely with the topic, the images would have been a…show more content…
With that being said, there was also no thorough explanation of the circumstances and claims. There was a tendency to just state the problem and what could potentially happen in the near future, consequentially causing the opposite of what the NAE wanted to stir in the readers; indifference. Ultimately, had the effort to literally quote and explain research studies, maybe the audience would fully believe the NAE’s report.

The NAE’s introduction also lacked a clear outline and audience throughout most of the report, constituting confusion and apathy amongst the readers. An explicit audience and a “map” for the rest of the paper is necessary in order for an introduction to be sufficient and clear. When introducing a topic that will be explored more throughout an essay, one must briefly explain the points that will be made throughout the remainder of the text so that it is easy to follow along, as well as to clarify any confusion for the readers. Unfortunately, lacking this feature creates agitation and frustration amongst readers, which is exactly what the NAE did with their introductory paragraphs. If there were subheading added to the report, the text would
]=-be much less strenuous to read for the audience because there would be some type of outline so that by the end of the section, the readers can refer beck to the subheading and fully grasp the points that were
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