The Napoleonic Code : Napoleon's Impact On History

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Napoleon Bonaparte made a huge impact on history. It started when he became the hero of the hour in 1795. He defended the delegates which caused the attackers to flee. Ever since then he continued to make more and more impacts on the world. Napoleon thought that his greatest accomplishment was his complete system of laws. He called these laws the Napoleonic code. What the Napoleonic code did was it gave the country a new set of laws and got rid of many injustices. The bad thing was that the laws didn't promote our individual rights and some of our rights were actually restricted under these laws. The code ended up restoring slavery in the French colonies. The Napoleonic code was approved in March 1804. The reason Napoleon made the code was to make the French Law more modern. This change was so great that most of the laws are still being enforced today. I think that it would be in Napoleons best interest to control what's outside of the French Empire. The reason for this is because he has an extremely strong army so it would make sense for him to control Britain which has the strongest navy. If he could gain control over Britain then he would be the strongest leader in the world and nearly unstoppable. If Napoleon were to gain control over the entire French Empire then they would eventually try to break apart and that would lead to a revolution which could cause Napoleon to potentially lose everything he had. Many advantages could come from gaining control over Britain and

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