The Narrative And Other Writings

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Olaudah Equiano’s The interesting Narrative and Other Writings is a very important piece of historical literature because not many books or narratives are around today that can teach the real happenings of the European slave trade in the eighteenth century. Equiano makes several arguments against slavery. Arguments from Equiano and points from the lecture state that slavery is that is inhumane. Slavery takes away the African’s and the white man’s humanity. Chapter two of The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings tells us the story of Equiano and his sister’s capture. After they are captured, they are almost immediately separated. Although Equiano, is in despair, he does have good fortune come to him when he is sold several times to …show more content…

Some were his own countrymen and some were not. He witnessed a male slave’s punishment for being with a white woman. The male slave was staked to the ground, and had his ears cut off bit by bit. When it came to women, it was not uncommon for the white men to: “Commit violent depredations on the chastity of the female slave.” (Equiano, 104) Some of the female slaves were not even ten years old, and since Equiano was still employed, he could do nothing to help the women. A cruel practice that was common for slave owners to do was to brand their slaves with their initials to show ownership. The iron muzzle, thumb-screws, and chains were just some of the instruments of torture that were common for the slaves to be punished with. Equiano learns from several enslaved men that they go several miles to their master’s home for work and then walk the several miles home after a hard, laborious day. When Equiano questioned them about why they did this, the replied: “Because when the master or mistress choose to punish the women, they make the husbands flog their own wives, and that they could not bear to do.” (Equiano 107) Many more examples of mistreatment exist in The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings. Evidence supporting the brutality of the slave trade also comes from the textbook and lecture. The Atlantic System refers to the beginning of the African Slave Trade. It was fully developed by 1700. Most slaves came from the west coast of Africa, Guinea to Angola. The

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