The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Frederick Douglass Term Paper
The life of Frederick Douglass was similar in many ways to that of a typical slave during the 1800’s. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass shows both highlights and lowlights from Douglass’ time as a slave. While there were many similarities between he and the common slave, there are certain aspects of his life that make him uncommon, such as his ability to read. When comparing pieces of literature from former slaves to that of Frederick Douglass, the reader may assume that Douglass’ life of slavery was unique compared to the others. There are many similarities between the life of an average slave in the 1800’s and the life of Frederick Douglass. One of the first pieces of his life that Douglass speaks of is that he has no accurate recollection of his age, and he states that he does not “remember to have met a slave who could tell of his birthday” (Douglass 1). On the same page, Douglass talks of his separation between he and his mother; the separation of slaves was very common, for in the Interview with an Ex-Slave of 101 Years of Age, the man being interviewed tells of just how quickly a newlywed couple could be separated, “Cause a couple would be married tonight an’ tomorrow one would be taken away and sold” (Ex-Slave #2 Paragraph 4). Douglass also would witness the hardships of whippings, sleeping on the cold hard floor with no blankets, and having little to no clothing to wear while his body was growing and maturing. Whippings

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