Water Margin

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The narrative Water Margin establishes Wu Sung as a complicated, multifaceted character who encompasses a combination of heroism and violence. Due to his complex personality and the corruptive environment he lives in, Wu Sung cannot remain as a member of the civilized society; instead, he enters Jiang Hu, a realm that is governed by people’s own judgments instead of standard laws. Beginning with Wu Sung’s first appearance, the author constantly provides hints that depict Wu Sung as an individual who is different from the rest of society due to his violent character. As the narrative continues, Wu Sung’s characteristics become indexical knowledge that enables the reader to understand and predict Wu Sung’s action in respond to the corruption …show more content…

As the text continues, Wu Sung’s interaction with the innkeeper confirms the abusive thoughts Wu Sung carries within him. When the innkeeper convinces Wu Sung to stop drinking, Wu Sung responds, “Do not provoke me to anger or I shall smash the whole room into atoms, and turn your inn upside down” (305). If any other characters make such statement, the reader might take it as an empty threat. However, after learning about Wu Sung’s background and extraordinary strength, the reader understands that Wu Sung would carry out such actions if his desires are not satisfied. This interaction is also thought-provoking because it happens one day after Wu Sung left Sung Chiang. Thus, the author seems to convey the message that Wu Sung would always be a wild man because the positive impacts others have on him would always gradually leave him. Therefore, despite how Wu Sung later courageously kills the tiger and generously gives his rewards to others, there is a part of him that resembles the tiger he kills, the brutality that makes him different from everyone else. The author also depicted Wu Sung as an outsider who stays in a society but is not a member of the society. When Wu Sung kills his sister-in-law, Mrs. Wu, despite the murderous acts Mrs. Wu committed, her gruesome death is still a striking scene. The author spends great details on this particular scene, “The [Wu Sung] stooped down, and ripped open her blouse

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