The National Comedy Theatre Essay

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The National Comedy Theatre is a modern thrust theatre. The theater is located at 347 West 36th St in NYC. As you walk into the theatre, you can see a small bar on the left side. On the right, there is a box office for picking up the tickets. As you walk deeper in the middle you can see the entrance of the theatre. There are total 115 seats in this theatre. The seat is divided into three sections, each section has a different number of seats. The seat section that is close to the entrance has 66 seats. The other two sections have 21 seats and 28 seats. There are three exits, one is the entrance, the second one is few steps away from the entrance, the third one is in the back of the theater. The two bathrooms are near the back exit. The …show more content…

On the sides of the stage, each side has three chairs for actors to relax and prepare. Each actor has a white board for games. They do not focus on the set design include the special effect but the elements of the show. However, the only thing that is counted as set design is the house rake.
In my opinion, this show can run more smoothly if they have more equipment such as special effect, projection, and props for entertaining. Because this show is not like any other show, for example a drama or a musical show, however, some moving lights and props will help a lot for the show. For example, when they’re interacting with the audiences, and trying to act something without saying it and try to let other actors to guess it, it is hard for audiences to visualize. If there are some hand props that they can use, it will be much better. Also, their background just too boring to me. They need a projection for different scenes, it will be much better that way so we know what are they doing and we can visualize the action in our minds. The only time they use the special effect is to turn the light darker during the show and turn it back on during the interaction and break time. They can add a little special effect such as smoke or fog at the beginning of the show for greeting, and maybe some during the show.
Overall, I think the show is successful according to the element they use in the show. It is hilarious

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