United States Vs. Brazil

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United States vs. Brazil Child Poverty
Poverty is where one person or a group of people don’t have enough money and recourses to meet needs that are considered acceptable in the general public. Although there has been effort to prevent poverty, it is still rampant around the world. 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day while 1.3 billion of those people live on less than $1.50 a day. Poverty also affects children. Every 4 seconds a child dies of poverty. 1 billion children live in poverty. Two examples of world powers with large populations but still have child poverty are the United States and Brazil. The poverty line in the United States for a family of four is $23,550. [Federal Poverty Level 2013-2014]. The poverty line
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In both countries what foods and how much food children consume have changed because of their poverty. Edwards wrote that “Death by starvation is rare in Latin America, and in Brazil, but millions suffer from malnutrition, hunger.” Another show of the lack of food for poor children in Brazil is when Jeff Gammage writes “A popular Internet meme by Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito crystallizes people’s frustration: A hungry child sits with knife and fork at the ready, crying when his plate comes bearing not food but a soccer ball.” This shows how government spending on the World Cup has caused the general public to be ignored. In the video about child poverty in America it showed a family that was poor which caused them to eat pizza and have vegetables only once every 1 or 2 weeks because carbohydrates were less expensive than vegetables. This caused the kid to become overweight and have a unhealthy body because of the lack of vitamins and minerals from vegetables. Some children are lucky and are one of the first people signed up for a bag of nutrition in their school but the free food is first come first serve for poor children. Poverty causes abnormal weights for children because of the lack of food or food choices. Children also lose their homes because of poverty. In her interview for the newspaper, Garcia-Navarro said “‘According to human rights groups some 3,000 families have already been evicted from their
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