National Organization For Women Essay

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It was time for women to take a stand for themselves and others. By creating a voice women created an organization. The National Organization for Women established hope for women who have been facing hate and violence throughout their lives.The National Organization for Women was formed by a group of women who stood up against discrimination, unfair treatment, and justice for all. With every protest and every movement it is one step closer for women to achieve equal rights and equality in America.
The founding of the National Organization for Women, included a group of feminist women who established the National Organization for Women, also known as NOW. This organization was formed by not one woman, but by twenty-eight women who were willing …show more content…

NOW is taking charge against educational efforts. Women get looked down upon in government eyes and in men’s eyes (“LGBTQ Rights”, 2017). Marriage Equality is another issue women face on daily. Homophobia is looked at as something inhuman, and feminist are taking action to end those thoughts ( “LGBTQ Rights, 2017).
Women are creating a voice against violence. Women aren’t destroying just domestic violence, but violence against other peers (“Ending Violence against Women” ,2012). National Organization for Women are protesting against hate crimes as well. Violence against abortion is a major factor that women are dealing with right now (“Ending Violence against Women”, 2012). Sexual assault is what puts young women and even older women in fear (“Ending Violence against Women”, 2012).
The NOW organization guides the poor. It's more likely for women who live in poverty to face the harsh and cruel discrimination from peers more than middle class and upper class women (“Task Force on Women in Poverty”, 2014). Not only service women who were stuck in poverty, but also men. Those women who don’t have much, took over existing jobs that typically others wouldn’t do (Hedgeman, 2014). Girls from poor families started to drop out of school to help the family clean and find more money, but the young males education was apparently more important (Hedgeman, …show more content…

Another major controversy that women are still facing is reproductive rights (National Organization for Women, 2017).
Some women support the idea of sage and legal abortion. While others even support the idea of birth control, even though it was conflicted about for many years. Citizens in the United States protest and announce that women shouldn’t abort a child that hasn’t been able to live it’s life (National Organization for Women, 2017). The NOW organization is opposed restriction thought legislation regulation (National Organization for Women, 2017).
It’s okay to defend for what you believe in. These courageous women took the stand and fought for women's rights and equality for not just women but for all people (“Who We Are”, 2017). The voice that NOW has spread across the globe is being heard by women in poverty, abuse, and fear. So women still this day are making peaceful protest for their rights. Also by marches which can be the most active and most supported movement. With every march or stand it brings more supporters and more voices for NOW (“Who We Are”, 2017). This isn’t battling over one issue, it's battling for everybody's issues (“Who We Are”,

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