The Nations Within Our Nation Essay

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Hannah Locklear
Luigi Mendez
POLI 130
11 November 2016
The Nations Within Our Nation
Native Americans within the United States are the aboriginal population of the land. America was not a vacuum domicillium (empty landscape) when explorers arrived—that was just a statement tool used to justify the mass genocide and conquests that occurred after colonization (Welch 9). There were millions of Native peoples that populated this land with preexisting political structures and tribal relations of their own. In today 's time, the Native American people are not fully free nations, but they maintain many sovereign rights depending on their level of federal recognition and autonomy. In this essay, there will be an outline of the United States history and political similarities to Native American tribes, an explanation of how sovereign nations interact domestically with the United States, and why these governments still exist separately within the United States.
The United States of America has a very tumultuous history with Native American tribes. The country originally attempted to eradicate the Native American populations, but when the attempts did not work the citizens had to learn how to coexist with the tribes. Native American tribes are unique in the United States because they are the only aboriginal peoples that continue to practice a form of self-government in the midst of a new and modern civilization that has come to their lands (Deloria 2). The term nations were given

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