The Natural Disaster Of New Orleans

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Hurricanes are among one of the most damaging forces of nature that exist in regards to a natural disaster occurring. Also, these tropical storms have potential wind speeds of over eighty miles per hour, and large amounts of rain. Hurricanes have the potential to demolish large amounts of territory. A number of safeguards have been taken long-ago, and also looking forward to the present time, even though you never really know what to expect from Mother Nature. While, some well-being measures have been taken into consideration not all precautions are reliable in regards to mother nature. On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina swept into New Orleans, which is a city in the state of Louisiana, on the US Gulf Coast. New Orleans is a city known largely for its culture involving such things as Mardi Gras, Jazz, Art, and even the culinary dishes of exotic foods prepared just to name a few things. It is no secret that the city of New Orleans has faced adversity before when it comes to natural disasters. Furthermore it has been documented that during the past century hurricanes have flooded New Orleans at least five times: in 1915, 1940, 1947, and 1965. Consequently New Orleans has always been at risk, though due to its geographical location being that it is utterly bounded by mass amounts of water. Engineers created a system of levees and barricades with the hopes of trying to keep the city from flooding as they stretched levees and barricades along the Mississippi river, and

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