The Natural Resources Of The Earth

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Misjudged Land The Earth has an ability to produce natural resources, provide land to build on, and absorb waste. This is known as the bio capacity of the Earth, and it can only take so much to keep the planet healthy and clean. It takes about a year and a half to generate the resources that the human population only uses in a year. Therefore, if it continues at this rate, according to the World Wildlife Fund, “by the year 2050, the human population is anticipated to use an equivalency of two Earths worth of renewable sources in only one year.” The planet Earth can only produce so much in one year, and doubling the amount is far from possible. There are many threats on the planet Earth to prevent it from providing what is demanded, in which people do not realize are a part of a day-to-day routine. Just as the Earth is evolving, human life and wildlife is expanding its population as well and consequently, all residents of the planet should be aware of saving the Earth from demolishing everyone and everything in it. Cutting down forests for the sake of human utilization may be beneficial, however it will decrease the benefits of Earth as a whole. The act of deforestation may be considered a gateway to the extinction of all living things on the Earth. Better choices need to be made that reflect the way the environment is responding and it all starts by understanding what the Earth already has and needs to continue to maintain. Considering the planet and everything that is

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