The Nature American Street Gangs Essay

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Hagedorn, M. J. (1996) examined the nature American street gangs. The research shows historical evolution of gangs’ prevalence in US and major reasons for their enormous growth in various regions. Gangs erupted from economically under privileged communities while others inherited their gang background from their families and continued in America. The gang culture evolved and attracted hundreds of people mainly youth. Hagedorn stressed upon the equal division of economic development and job throughout major gang area. Furthermore, he examined that the growth of gangs in the country began after the influx of migrants after world war two.
Huff, C. R. (1989) evaluated the changing organizational structure of American gangs during the course of time. He addressed the need for creating an environment of mutual understanding among different communities and ethnic groups. The paper is very important in understanding youth gangs as it is one of the fewer research papers based on real interviews from the gang members. The research shows that emergence and growth on most gangs in America is accompanied by all sorts of crimes thus posing enormous burden on public safety policy.
Barrows, J., & Huff, C. R. (2009) examined that gang issues have significantly expanded in the most recent times, both in the academic writing and in law implementation. Regardless of boundless thoughtfulness regarding the gang issue, specialists, cops, and officials have yet to concur on definitions used to
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