The Nature Of Human Nature

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Thousands of years ago, in the dry African savannah, the human’s earliest descendents hunted for food and scoured the land for water. The main priority at that point was simply to survive. Humans have come a long way since the stone age, and continue their advancements and innovations in the age of technology. The dictionary definition of human is “sympathetic; humane” or “to be a human being.” (Human) However, to be human is a deeper and more elaborate definition. To be human cannot be boiled down to a straightforward elucidation; it is a complex answer to a simple question. Humans are defined by their undefinability, and by the collective learning that allowed for the expansion of human knowledge. The definition of being human starts with the basic idea that humans are undefinable. A popular belief of the human definition is that; as an intelligent and curious species, people differentiate from other animals. However, scientific studies from all over the world show the immeasurable intelligence of some species of animals, and their ability to problem solve. Studies have shown that bottlenose dolphins can understand an artificial language, created by humans, to perform specific tasks. These dolphins not only understood what each symbol meant, but understood the syntax that governs the symbols’ structure. That is, the dolphins recognized that the order in which the symbols were arranged had meaning. An example being that they could differentiate between bringing the ball

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